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High Output Plastic Compounding Line Auto Conical Twin Screw Extruder

High Output Plastic Compounding Line Auto Conical Twin Screw Extruder

High Output Plastic Compounding Line Auto Conical Twin Screw Extruder

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Cenmen
Certification: CE, ISO9001
Model Number: TSH

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 20GP, 40HC,40HQ
Delivery Time: 60 work days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 300 units per year
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Detailed Product Description
Processing Material: PP/PE/PA/PC/ABS ETC Screw Design: Double Screw
Output: 100-500kg/h
High Light:

plastic compounding machine


conical twin screw extruder

Function modification co-compounding extrusion pelletizing production line.


Company's twin screw production equipment used in compounding modified pelletizing has the advantages of high output, high automation and large-scale centralized control.


1. High output. Twin screw extruder adopts high torque high rotation speed gear box, matched with novel wear-resistance barrel and screw, torque grade 9~11T/A3, the maximum torque grade can reach as high as 15 T/A3.

2. High degree of automation of complete set of production line. Automation includes material storage and conveying, weighing mixing and metering feeding, compounding and pelletizing, automatic packing, finishing the whole process from material to product granule.

3. Multiple equipment large-scale and integrated production. The automatic centralized control system is adopted to share capital construction and environmental protection facilities, effectively reduce various production and operation costs (such as raw material procurement and transportation cost, labor cost, equipment procurement, capital construction cost, etc.)


Process description:

According to the requirements of the use environment of the polymer product, a part of the functional auxiliary agent is added into the polymer, so that the product has special properties. Common modification functions, such as antistatic properties, weather resistance, flame retardancy and so on, are often accompanied by alloy modification at the same time.

Anti-static modification-reduce the electrical resistance of the polymers mainly by adding conductive carbon black and carbon fiber, generally the adding quantity needs to be above 20% to make it become semiconductor. It is mainly used in the semi-conductive shielding layer of electric wire and cable, anti-static packaging product, anti-static element and so on, so as to prevent the harm to the product caused by static electricity.

Weather resistance modification-improve the oxidation resistance and UV resistance of polymers, mainly be used in all kinds of outdoor products such as waterproof rolls, turnover box / bucket, air conditioning external machine, etc. Antioxidant mainly depends on various antioxidants to achieve, add one or more antioxidant to compound use. The anti UV capability is mainly divided into 3 classes according to the principle, a shielding, an UV absorbent, and a photosensitizer. The UV shielding agent is mainly titanium dioxide and carbon black, and the content in product is more than 2%. UV absorbers and photosensitizers can react with polymers to prevent degradation from continuing.

Flame retardant modification-improve the flame retardant properties of the polymer,

The common flame-retardant modifiers are: halogen flame-retardant, aluminum-magnesium-based flame retardant, phosphorus-nitrogen-based flame retardant. The specific characteristics are as follows


  Halogen flame retardant Aluminum-magnesium flame retardant Phosphate-nitrogen flame retardant
Additive amount <5% >50% 10~30%
Process temperature 200~300℃ 150~180℃ 260~350℃



No effect on polymer matrix Environmental protection

Environmental protection,high temperature resistance




oxic, large smoke, cause secondary hazard


Low temperature resistance, hard dispersion, great influence on the physical properties.


Small packing density, difficult feeding and dispersion, some affection on the physical properties.



All kinds of polymers


EVA ,PE PP, elastomer, engineering plastic.


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