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Melt-blown material processing equipment Introduction and Process support

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Melt-blown material processing equipment Introduction and Process support
Melt-blown material processing equipment Introduction and Process support

        Melt-blown material is specially used for the production of melt-blown non-woven fabric, the Melt-blown non-woven fabric in the middle filter layer of the mask is of vital importance, and the special melt-blown material used for melt-blown non-woven fabric production usually means melt-blown polypropylene with high MFI 1300-1800g /10min.

       Jiangsu Cenmen Equipment Co., Ltd has designed a special reactive extrusion line based on the characteristics of melt-blown material production process and equipment functions. The special design structure is adopted in the main unit and auxiliary parts, which improves the high quality and production efficiency of melt-blown materials, and can be used for the production of high-end quality melt-blown materials.

The process characteristics of the equipment are as follows:


1. Metering feeding system: high precision and great mixing effect. The powder and degradation agent is measured step by step to improve the ratio accuracy.


Ensure the proportion of each raw material component is accurate, the mixture is even, at the source of production to ensure the master batch melt flow index stability.


2.Reactive Twin Screw extruder: equipped with high torque gearbox, torque grade is up to 11. L/D ratio lengthened to 56:1~ 64:1. The barrel and screw have high process accuracy, and the gap between the outside diameter of the screw and the inner wall of the barrel is small. Equipped with a vacuum exhaust chamber and high-efficiency vacuum pump set.


Melt-blown material processing equipment Introduction and Process support


Ensure the material in the screw has longer residence time, conducive to full reaction and homogenization mixing, ensure the ultra-high MFI at the same time reduce the fluctuation range of MFI. The special vacuum system can effectively remove the residual volatiles and reduce the product odor.


3.Pelletizing auxiliary equipment: Non-stop screen changing and pressure stabilizer die head. Special designed wide width cooling tank. Gantry Pelletizer. Homogenized dry silo.


Melt-blown material processing equipment Introduction and Process support


The stable die head pressure is established to make sure the high MFI melt flow out of the die head evenly, and to maintain the rapid cooling, granulation, and homogenization under high output. The stable extrusion granulation system can ensure the stable operation of the upstream reactive extrusion.


About Cenmen


The melt-blown special material production line made by Cenmen Corp has been widely used by a number of domestic customers, the production line is under stable operation, and with mature configuration. We can provide "turnkey project", provide the overall solution for the production process and equipment.


Jiangsu Cenmen Equipment Corp., Ltd is one of the large-scale enterprises in China, with many high precision CNC machining center. Equipped with advanced import inspection and testing equipment. From processing to testing with a complete quality control measure and system, fully ensure the stability and reliability of machine quality.


Established a sophisticated physical and chemical laboratory, with a variety of imported material testing and analysis instruments, can meet all kinds of customer’s requirements of different material testing and detection.


The company has been awarded the honorary certification of High-tech enterprise for four consecutive times (2011-2023), and now owns more than 10 invention patents and more than 30 utility model patents.


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